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secret santa!

so, since I'm totally in the holiday spirit as of late, I've decided to organize...

an Inception secret santa exchange!

yay! so, I've decided, since they're my only pairing, basically, to limit this to arthur/eames. but if anyone has any real objections to that, please let me know.

this exchange is open to all, so that means you can contribute any of the following: fic, art, graphics (wallpapers, icons, etc), fanmixes, ficmixes.

here's how it's gonna work:

- there are 50 slots for the exchange, which is on a first come first serve basis.
- you must be active on your journal and must have had it for at least 2 months.
- fill out the form below in a comment on this entry.
- I will compile everyone's information based on a random number, which is why one is asked for in your form.
- I will then email you and let you know who you are creating wonders for!

dates to remember:
- forms are due by november 13th, saturday or when there are 50 players, whichever comes first.
- assignments will be sent between november 14th and 15th, sunday and monday.
- mandatory check-in will be on december 3rd, friday.
- assignments will be due december 30th, thursday. (I know this seems just around the corner and really short, but I was trying to keep it as holiday oriented as possible. If you have a problem with the due date, please let me know. If enough people have issues, we can move it!)

assignment requirements:
- all work must be created especially for the exchange
- all characters must be of age (16 or older)
- all fic must be at least 1,500 words and must be rated/warned appropriately
- all fic MUST be beta'ed. all fic will be checked again after being submitted, for grammar, spelling, etc (just to make sure you've really been beta'ed!)
- when submitting your fic, it should be html-ready for livejoural. I will not go through your fic and add the html for italics, bold, etc.
- all art must be rated/warned appropriately
- please do not sign art! wait until the exchange is over, as we are trying to be anon ;)
- all graphics must include stats (ie: icons and/or wallpapers, amount)
- all fanmixes must include original cover art (back art not required but encouraged) and must be rated/warned appropriately. you are encouraged to include lyrics as well.
- all ficmixes must be rated/warned appropriately
- no homophobia, racism, sexism, or any other prejudice ideals will be tolerated, at all.

- all submissions should be emailed to:
- all submission emails should have a subject line containing your lj username and "submission for:" with your recipient's username
- please use a standard header for your work, however, please also include your beta's username or email (fic), a word count (fic), your recipient and a disclaimer
- please submit fic in .doc format
- please submit art in .jpg, .png, or .gif format
- please submit graphics either in a .zip file or individual links
- please submit fan/fic mixes in either .zip file or with a megaupload/sendspace, etc link

misc. tidbits
- I'm in the process of figuring out where to post all the finished products, hopefully eames_arthur. I will keep everyone posted!
- don't forget, this is anon! don't give yourself away!
- if you have any questions, PM or email me
- have fun! :D

the form:

eta: sign ups are now closed! if you want to sign up last minute, slots are available but I will only take a few, so please email me asap!
Tags: inception, secret santa 2010
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